The MAPS system — mobile registration
of activities in time and space

it enables the automation of the registration process and analysis of the type
and duration of activities performed by a given person

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About the MAPS system

The MAPS system was designed to maximize the efficiency of resource use and to increase the reliability of the technical infrastructure. Currently, this solution is used in the area of maintenance, media management or production. It is used to register confirmations of service, inspection tasks, including such as reviews, adjustments, defects, retoolings, readings and many more.

  • One finger tap gesture

    Registration: 1 click

    The MAPS sensor allows you to quickly and easily register an event or action. Simply place it on the coded card or sticker and press the button.

  • Reading book icon

    Comfortable use

    The comfortable belt clip with pull-out rope makes the MAPS sensor always available and does not interfere with your current duties.
    RFID cards are grouped in boards or attached individually at places selected by the Customer.

  • MS Excel file icon/

    User interface: MS Excel

    Access to data is carried out by personalized MS Excel - delivered with the solution. There is no need to install additional software.

  • One year of work on one battery

    The MAPS sensor is powered by a single battery that lasts for 1 year of use. What is important, during its exchange, the data read by the sensor is not lost.

  • Speaking

    Voice memo function

    The MAPS sensor is equipped with a voice interface, which it is possible to register short voice messages, which are, for example, notes or comments during the work. These data are automatically converted and presented as text.

  • Scale of justice

    The solution complies with the act on the protection of personal data

    Personal information is not stored by InviNets Sp. z o.o. The data binding takes place only on the client computer in the MS Excel spreadsheet.

Sensors are the main element of the system

The basic element of the MAPS system are sensors. They enable registration of tasks performed by a specific person by scanning cards in RFID technology. The devices have a large stock of FLASH internal memory on which they record recorded events. When an RFID card scan event occurs, the sensor assigns the current date and time to this event, which is the source of data for the analysis of resource use in the MAPS analytical model. At any given time, one sensor is assigned and serves one person. In the workplace, the device can support, eg 3 employees working successively on 3 shifts.

Download the technical specification of the MAPS sensor.

MAPS sensor

The smartphone sends the collected data to the cloud

In the MAPS system, the smartphone is responsible for the data captured by the sensors and their export to the analytical model in the cloud. Data transfer takes place without any maintenance due to the installed "MAPS Panel" application.

RFID cards specify the person, location and type of activities performed

RFID cards represent individual employees, locations and tasks defined by the client. Thus, the MAPS system is fully adapted to the needs and characteristics of the functioning of a given company.

Download the technical specification of the RFID card.

RFID cards

MAPS accessories

In addition to the basic components of the MAPS system, our offer also includes additional accessories, such as: RFID card sheets, RFID card covers, hooks and hangers for MAPS sensors, a clips for fixing the MAPS sensor on the belt, batteries for MAPS sensors.

Analytical model - MS Excel sheet
Implementation of the MAPS system

The analytical model is a tool used to enter card data defining dimensions and to retrieve data from the MAPS cloud and analyze them in a given period. The analysis of data collected by the MAPS system is carried out using Microsoft Excel, while the data of the analytical model are stored and processed in the cloud InviNets MAPS. A suitably prepared model is able to retrieve data from the InviNets cloud and place it on the sheet. The PivotTable functionality is used to analyze and create reports.

Implementation of the solution is carried out with minimal customer involvement and is based only on two meetings. The first one defines the activities and locations to be registered. At the next meeting, the product is handed over to the client and training in its service. The effect of analyzes carried out thanks to the offered system is visible the day after its launch.

MAPS data analysis

Areas of application

  • Icon of management


    In the current practice of the company, the lack of independent confirmation of the fact and time of completion of individual stages of the process is particularly problematic. Often the relations between production employees and maintenance staff are based on oral communication. Such a solution is a source of uncertainty and misunderstandings about the actual course of events.
    The MAPS system eliminates the above-described difficulties in the processes implemented as part of the Maintenance. In addition, it allows you to achieve the following goals:

    1. 1. shortening the reporting time of completed tasks,
    2. 2. shortening the analysis time,
    3. 3. increasing the reliability of the technical infrastructure.


  • Crops under covers

    The solutions offered by the MAPS system have their applications in the cultivation of plants. The main area of use is the use of the process of registration of confirmations of performed activities - tasks undertaken by employees are subject to mobile registration in time and space. In addition, the use of the functionality of recording voice memos and their automatic conversion to text in a reference to a given task / employee / workplace eliminates the need to hand-note comments and comments made during the work and allows for precise description of the phenomena occurring in the course of work and affecting its effectiveness, for example, immediate reporting of adverse changes in cultivated plants, determination of the missing component.

  • Factory


    In the production process, it is important to collect information on the duration and the course of the process while assessing the efficiency of work.
    The data collected as part of the automatic registration of employee activity will serve to analyze the course of the production process and will constitute a substantive basis for taking actions aimed at improving the production process and work efficiency. Based on the collected data, it will be possible between the following:

    1. 1. determining whether the reported level of work efficiency results from reasons dependent on or independent of production employees, such as lack of components or equipment defect,
    2. 2. defining the performance of individual employees (also in isolation from the workplace, if there is a situation of their periodic change.

MAPS + SAP PM and MM modules

Automation of entering orders confirmation of the SAP system, including innovative support of voice memos recorded by users.

The MAPS system and its sensor is a fast and effective tool for registering in the SAP system the processes of maintenance, production and storage management in time and space by employees.

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