Bezprzewodowe systemy pomiarowe w świecie IoT.

About us

Who we are

We graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Warsaw. Since 2014, we have been revolutionizing data measurement systems.

At InviNets, we believe that improving the efficiency of business processes is only possible when these processes can be continuously and accurately monitored. This, in turn, gives previously unavailable opportunities to optimize processes that generate real savings and many other benefits.

Work ethic

Our values

Quality of service

We make every effort to ensure that our solutions are implemented in your company as quickly as possible and remotely. We offer the possibility of individual customisation of the systems and we are always happy to assist you.


Our proprietary technology, implementing the vision of the IoT, enables process automation and precise and wireless monitoring of physical objects and their surroundings.


When developing a solution, we ensure the data are encrypted and stored in the decentralised cloud in the best possible way Thanks to this, you can be certain that your data will not be subject to theft or destruction


Get to know our team

Przemysław Horban

He is a technology magician who help our clients make their dreams come true – constantly customises systems to various requirements and makes everything work fine. Privately, he is a fan of board games, both strategic and role-playing.

ADAM OPOŃ współzałożyciel firmy Invinets, która tworzy bezprzewodowe systemy pomiarowe

Adam Opoń

One of the originators of technology and installing it in sensors. He deals with the development of projects and their customization according to the client’s requirements. Loves to help companies collect and monitor data. He is into IoT, coffee, yoga, and general physical activity