Making of planned rounds factory

MAPS application for rounds factory

Are you certain that rounds are being conducted at your production plant? Introducing this process and supervising its implementation is not an easy task, especially when employees have to inspect numerous checkpoints on a daily basis. Therefore, it is crucial that the registration process is not burdensome.  Our MAPS solution for rounds ensures this comfort. It is a tool in which you can track the completion of planned rounds. All data is uploaded to our cloud and ready for download in Power BI.Another valuable feature of the solution is the ability to report any irregularities during rounds by capturing photographs and adding notes.


How does it works?

The MAPS solution for rounds is comprised of a smartphone application and a cloud storage system. An employee uses the smartphone application to guide them through each checkpoint in a step-by-step manner. Alternatively, registration can be done using the MAPS sensor. The employee scans the QR code or RFID card assigned to the location to check in. Once checked in, the employee performs the assigned activities and marks them as completed on a checklist. If any irregularities are identified, the employee can capture photographs or record voice memos, and all the data is automatically transmitted to the cloud. Data for analysis in Power BI can be downloaded from the cloud for convenient analysis. This information facilitates quick and effective execution of corrective and preventive actions.


What do you gain?

  • Performance monitoring – MAPS allows shift leaders to verify that rounds are being carried out and performed correctly. Thanks to the solution, you know how long each activity took, whether all the steps of the instructions have been followed and whether they have been carried out in the right locations.

  • Documentation of problems In MAPS, you can easily create a documentation of the irregularities detected. Photographs will depict the problems and notes will allow you to describe the defects in detail. This information is compiled in a single report, helping shift leaders to take the right action quickly. Analysis of reoccurring problems will help prevent them in advance. 

  • Exchange of information – Photographs and notes from rounds can be useful in the communication process of the maintenance team, engineers and others responsible for repairs and preventive maintenance. Due to the availability of documentation, it is easy for every employee involved to see and understand the issues reported, speeding up the response and resolution of problems. This is especially useful in the case of shift work.
  • Trend analysis in Power BI The report in Power BI display the completion of rounds as a percentage. Turning to the details on the timeline, we monitor how their performance is changing. Using the standard deviation functionality, you can analyse whether the duration of activities at locations is correct.
  • Audit certificat     MAPS allows you to document compliance with your company’s procedures and standards. The documentation collected during rounds, including photos and notes, serves as an important source of information during internal or external audits. Auditors can also familiarize themselves with the measures taken to resolve any issues.
  • Registration of meter readings The MAPS application also provides a convenient means of recording meter readings. Their systematic monitoring enables problems to be detected early and corrective action to be taken, helping to increase overall efficiency and save money in the use of equipment.


Do I need to have an access to the Internet during the rounds?

No, registration can take place offline. The recorded data is stored in the memory of the application. When you reconnect to the network, they are automatically transferred to the cloud.

Where is the recorded data stored?

The data is stored on the InviNets servers, in the European Union space. They are professionally encrypted and securely stored.

Can the solution be integrated with ERP/CMMS?

The MAPS solution for rounds can operate as a completely standalone solution, but can be integrated into an ERP/CMMS system, if required.

Can I change and add activities and locations independently?

Yes, you can edit, enter and delete activities and locations on an independent basis, depending on your evolving plans and needs.