All data in one place

ThermoMesh Portal

Have you ever left documents at random and later discovered that moisture and light had damaged them? Or maybe you are a grower and you know how important it is to maintain the right temperature and humidity throughout the cultivation area?

The ThermoMesh system is responsible for monitoring environmental conditions in production halls, warehouses, greenhouses, museums and many other places. All collected data can be found in our ThermoMesh Portal. Thanks to this, in the space in which the sensors are immersed, you can easily find the places and causes of irregularities. And all this on one screen in a web browser.

What distinguishes us from the competition? Everyone measures, but we visualize the measurements!


How does the Portal work?

After logging in to your account, you will see the ThermoMesh Portal, with a number of icons corresponding to individual functionalities. What do they mean?

  1. Rooms: here you create and edit plans (so-called rooms) that correspond to the layout of the monitored objects. Each room has its own name, a graphic file with a plan and assigned sensors. You can create a floor plan that represents part of a room or a group of adjacent rooms.
  2. Dashboard: Here you will see an interactive heat map for each room and a graph showing the average and maximum temperature and humidity values for the selected period. The conditions in the rooms are presented graphically using colors. differences in colors on the plan clearly indicate the places of irregularities. You can share this view with selected people without logging in and editing.
  3. Alerts: Alerts are e-mail and SMS notifications sent when the temperature or humidity rises or falls outside a set value. This section allows you to manage and add notifications.
  4. Readings: do you want to check the battery level of the sensors? Or maybe you are interested in when the last reading took place? You can check information for individual sensors here. They are presented in the form of a table in which you can easily find the sensor name, values and time of the last reading, battery level and information about the sensor location.
  5. Download: allows you to download data for analysis. You can download them in several formats:
    • raw readings in a file in CSV format to be opened in Excel,
    • generated images with temperature or humidity maps,
    • a film showing the change in temperature or humidity distribution in time and space.
  1. Asset Locations: here you define the placement of sensors within the selected room. Assigning sensors to their physical location is done by dragging them with the mouse to the appropriate points on the room plan.


What do you gain?

  • Control over the system and alerts when the required conditions are exceeded
  • All data collected in one place
  • Convenient access in a web browser
  • Clear maps and videos that show the distribution of temperature and humidity
  • The ability to share previews with one clic


Is the data sent to the cloud safe?

Data sent to the cloud is encrypted. We use proven VPN and HTTPS protocols for this purpose. Therefore, you can use our cloud without any worries.

How long is data stored in the cloud?

By default, data in the cloud is stored for a minimum of 1 year. The customer has the option of extending this period and downloading archived data from the Portal to a local drive.

Can I edit the data on the Portal myself?

You can independently edit data in the Portal, such as plans, sensor placement in the event of a change in their location, names of measurement points or conditions for triggering an alarm. Readings cannot be modified.

Do I have to learn how to use the Portal myself?

We provide each client with training at the beginning of cooperation. In addition, you always have access to the user manual on the Portal. Moreover, our consultants are always ready to provide any assistance.

Is it possible to expand the system?

The ThermoMesh solution is flexible. At any time, you can expand the network with new sensors and add new plans.

Is it possible to read data from the API?

Our Portal has the ability to read data from the API. As soon as you want to implement this feature, please contact us – we will help you connect.