Cooperation with the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków

ThermoMesh in the museum
Historical Museum of the City of Kraków

With pride we are announcing that our system for monitoring environmental conditions, ThermoMesh, has been implemented in the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków.

This is one of the most prominent cultural institutions in Kraków and one of the oldest museums in Poland. Since the 19th century, it has been collecting works of art and exhibits related to the history of the city. The rich collections attract many visitors from Poland and around the world. In June 2023, our installation in the Krzysztofory branch, located on the Main Square in the heart of the city, was launched. This is another step forward in our mission to introduce innovative technologies in the cultural institutions.

As we can read on the website of the Museum of the City of Kraków:

‘We are here to explore, protect, bring closer to our contemporaries and pass on to our successors the unique heritage of the past of Kraków. Our work is a service in the field of shaping people aware of their identity’.

We are pleased to be able to make our contribution to this mission. By implementing ThermoMesh in the Krzysztofory Branch of the Museum of the City of Kraków, we wanted to ensure optimum conditions for the museum pieces gathered there, and adequate protection of the priceless artefacts.

As the Chief Conservator of the Museum, Ms Anna Per-Żywolewska, says, the implementation of the ThermoMesh solution has made it possible to control conditions 24 hours a day and automatically archive data. Since the installation of the system, it is no longer necessary to delegate employees to take measurements and manually record readings. An access to the gathered information is possible from anywhere, even on a mobile phone. This makes work much easier, and notifications of exceedances of preset parameters allow a quicker reaction in disturbing situations. The installation of the system also helped to develop the most favourable dehumidifier setting for the museum collections.

Intriguingly, on the occasion of our visit to the Museum of the City of Kraków, we once again put our sensors to the range test, and again we were not disappointed. The results of the test are really satisfactory – the sensors provided readings from the entire area of Main Square in Kraków, including the Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Basilica!

We hope that this collaboration with the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków will inspire other museum institutions to implement similar innovative solutions. We encourage everyone to visit the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków, and in particular the Krzysztofory Branch. See for yourself how our technology interacts with history.

Visualization of the range of our sensors