Knowledge base at your fingertips

Mobile access to technical documentation

When you hire a new employee, you must provide them with training. They probably won’t remember all the information right away and will need time to implement it. In practice, they will ask senior employees how to perform a task or operate a machine. 

Another situation: your company is just introducing new procedures that must be followed. Sheets of paper don’t work, they get lost and create chaos. Or maybe you just update procedures, but out of habit, employees do them wrong? 

In each of these situations, we have a simple solution! The MAPS system, which becomes the knowledge base of your entire company with the use of QR codes.


How does it work?

It is very easy! InviNets provides a tool for generating QR codes and connecting them to documents. All you have to do is print the codes and place them in the appropriate location. After scanning them, the employee has access to the documentation assigned to them, e.g.:

  • Device manual
  • Technical documentation
  • A training video on how to use the device


What do you gain?

• Increased efficiency and quality of work – the employees has all the necessary materials gathered in one place. Thanks to this, they do not distract themselves and the co-workers, the number of errors is reduced , and the work is done faster.

• Improvement of training – the database of materials can be used at any time. This greatly facilitates the onboarding of new employees, and allows current employees to familiarize themselves with updates.

• Saving time and money – introducing a knowledge base and instructions facilitates work and helps to optimize processes. You no longer have to think about printing and distributing paper documents. What’s more, you don’t have to train each employee separately.

• Increased safety – description of procedures and device manuals reduce the number of errors and accidents. The MAPS system is also specially encrypted and sends data to a protected cloud. This protects your know-how and company secrets much better than a piece of paper.


How long does it take to implement the system?

The solution is ready to use. It’s up to you how quickly and what documents you attach to the codes.

Where is the data stored?
The data is stored on InviNets servers within the European Union. All data is professionally encrypted and stored securely.
What does the price depend on?
The pricing depends on the cloud storage occupied by the documentation and the number of used codes.
Who can access the records?

Access can be general or personalized by an authorization system.

Can I add more codes and documents?
You can add new codes and modify the documentation at any time. It is possible to add several documents/videos/files under one code.
Do I need internet access?
Yes, internet access is essential.