QR Support

Give your customers documentation
and support via chat

QR Support provides an easy access to documentation, instructions and instructional videos for your customers. It also enables them to contact you via chat.


Codes and application

How does it work?

  • Reporting problems – when a customer encounters a problem with a product, the latter scans its QR code with a smartphone or a tablet and selects the chat option. He or she can now describe the irregularity and attach photographs to give an accurate representation of the situation. This enables a quick diagnosis and an organisation of technical support. The consultant will be able to see which item the message refers to.
  • Displaying documentation – the customer scans a QR code placed on the product and accesses specially prepared materials (e.g. documentation, instructions, instructional videos). It only takes one click to find the information they need. If necessary, you can easily update and add further materials.


What do you gain?

  • Easy access to documentation – QR Support provides convenient and quick access to the necessary information. All the required materials are gathered in one place, eliminating the need to search in a variety of sources, thus saving time.
  • Support for multiple languages – have a document in several languages? Our system will display the version appropriate for your country.
  • Lower handling costs – if the customer can easily find and use the instructions, you spend less time handling tickets
  • Without any downloading – the customer does not need to download the application from Google Play/App Store.
  • Easy updating – in contrast to paper documentation, electronic materials can be updated as you wish.
  • Quick troubleshooting – chat allows you to send photographs and descriptions of the problem within real time. It is linked to a specific product. Your consultant, by opening our console, can resolve issues for multiple customers at the same time, with all the necessary details.
  • New platform for customer communication – have a new product or feature? The QR Support Enterprise option enables you to customise the application.


How long does it take to implement the system?

The solution is ready to use.
It’s up to you how quickly and what documents you attach to the codes.

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored on InviNets servers within the European Union. All data is professionally encrypted and stored securely.

What does the price depend on?

The pricing depends on the cloud storage occupied
by the documentation and the number of used codes.

Can I add more codes and documents?

You can add new codes and modify the documentation at any time. It is possible to add several documents/videos/files under one code.

Contact us today to test the solution and introduce a new quality of service thanks to the 'QR Support'.